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Unleashing the Healing Power of Personal Narrative

Memoir Author Ingrid Ricks first discovered the healing power of personal narrative when she wrote her coming of age memoir, Hippie Boy: A Girl’s Story. But it wasn’t until she began helping high school students write and publish the deeply personal stories they needed to tell that she uncovered it’s ability to foster the awareness, understanding and empathy that is so crucial in today’s divisive world.

In her inspiring, galvanizing talk, Ricks delves into the life-changing power of personal storytelling — from her own healing and empowerment journey to those of the more than two thousand students she has helped. She also discusses how personal storytelling can be used to flip harmful societal prejudices and attitudes that cause pain and isolation. Then she invites audiences to connect by sharing their own stories. She also offers an optional Healing Through Writing Workshop that teaches participants three effective story structure models and six narrative writing techniques guaranteed to bring their personal stories to life.