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Erasing The Disabilities Label

Ingrid Ricks, who never thought much about the soul crushing societal stigma attached to the word “disability” until she was branded with that label herself, is on a quest to radically change how disabilities are viewed. 

In 2018, Ricks, a NYT-Bestselling Memoir Author and mother of two, lost her vision to a rare blinding eye disease. That’s when she discovered that the pain and challenges associated with her eyesight loss were just the beginning of her struggles. Ricks, who’s earlier work as a social-justice journalist completely overlooked the disabilities topic, confronts her own unconscious bias around the label and uses her story to shine the spotlight on the devastating impact of these fear-based institutionalized prejudices. Then, leveraging the awareness-evoking power of story, she helps audiences examine their own emotionally charged experiences with adversity and discrimination. Through raw, open group sharing and discussion, she drives home the reality that we all face hard challenges in our lives and that the answer is to help each other and come together, not label, isolate and divide.