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Seizing the Power of Now

In this transformational workshop, NYT-Bestselling Memoir Author and Storytelling Coach Ingrid Ricks draws on her personal journey and the life-changing lessons she learned to help you tap into the power of Now and unleash the life you want and deserve. Ricks, who discovered she was going blind from a rare eye disease at age thirty seven, shares how her shock diagnosis — combined with an eye-opening trip to South Africa to write about the plight of AIDS orphans — slammed home the reality that all we have for certain is now, and that she had to make it count. This pivotal realization led her and her husband to completely revamp their lives — including leaving their rural community to live in a city neighborhood they love, redefining their relationship, and quitting their jobs to pursue their passions and dreams.

Ricks, who has also battled aggressive breast cancer and recently lost her remaining eyesight, drills down on the importance of focusing on what matters, regardless of the challenges we face. From there she teaches the powerful mindset-changing strategies she employs to stay rooted in the present, ignite her inner strength, and continue to make Now count.

Utilizing several interactive exercises, Ricks helps audiences:

  • Rewrite The Negative Stories They Tell Themselves  
  • Strip Fear of its Power  
  • Turn Any Adversity into an Asset
  • Embrace Change
  • Go For It – Whatever IT Is