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NARRATING-COVER-orangeI offer a unique writing-in-residence program for educators interested in bringing the Hippie Boy Narrative Writing Program to their schools.

 How It Works

  • Educators launch a three or four week narrative writing unit using Hippie Boy and the Hippie Boy Narrative Writing Handbook (To download a free copy, click here).
  • I help kick off the program by sharing the story behind my coming-of-age memoir, Hippie Boy, and discussing the power of personal storytelling. I then conferences one-on-one with each student (10 minutes per student) – helping them to 1) identify the personal story they want to write and 2) structure that story so they know how to tell it.
  • I start each day of the Writer in Residence program teaching a mini-narrative writing lesson (tied to the educator’s lesson pans) that focuses on my personal experiences and lessons learned while writing Hippie Boy.
  • Story critiques (Optional): I return once students have completed their first story draft and work one-on-one with them to identify missing elements and help them take their narrative story to the next level

The Writer in Residence program ranges from a few days to a week or more depending on the number of students involved. For more information, contact me.

What Teachers Are Saying

“It’s this kind of experience that is missing in our schools—to have the opportunity to work with an author in the classroom, and to create a personal story of which students are very proud.” Nancy Branom, Educator and English Department Chair, Edmonds Woodway High School, Edmonds, WA

“Last school year my students and I had the honor and pleasure of working alongside award-winning author Ingrid Ricks. With her help, my students used writing to work through their pain and regret, transforming them into stories of hope and resilience. Nothing we’ve done before has ever brought such a challenge and generated such an excitement for learning, reading, writing and sharing.”- Cassie Cox, English teacher, Two Rivers High School, Ogden, UT

“Our students deserve the chance to experience the passion inherent in creating personally meaningful work that permeates beyond classroom walls so that they can comprehend the power of investing in their own educations. Last year, my students were lucky to participate in one such opportunity through a life-changing experience with author Ingrid Ricks. In this innovative collaboration, ninety of my ninth grade students at Meadowdale High School read Ricks’ memoir, Hippie Boy, learned about narrative writing techniques, wrote their own narrative stories in partnership with Ricks, shared their stories both orally and in writing, and joined with the community at large to celebrate the power of personal story. The ripple effect of participating in this experiential learning cannot be measured by administering a test. The courage and confidence that my students internalized from this collaboration is nothing short of miraculous.” – Alison Ersfeld, English Teacher, Meadowdale High School

 “Working with Ingrid Ricks and her novel Hippie Boy was a wonderful experience. Students created their own stories, learned how to structure their stories, and practiced writing skills such as creating dialogue, using description and the revising process. The act of creating their stories allowed students to not only gain grammar and usage skills, but to build presentation and listening skills when stories were shared. “Stacy Wright, English Teacher, Lynnwood High School

 What Students Are Saying

“Shes awesome! I almost started crying cause she literally explained my sad story more than I could put into perspective myself.” – Kendra Phillips

“She gave me a structure to get my power back so to speak.”

“For the first time in my life I opened up to a stranger. Not just the little things about me but the really deep stuff that not even my older sister Maddie(who I tell just about everything to) knows.”

“Working with Ingrid Ricks definitely helped me develop my story. So did reading Hippie Boy. They both helped me understand how to set up my narrative story.” –Alexandra Smith

“She helped me know what kind of story I could write about. She taught me how I could bring feeling to it.” –Natalya S.

“My experience with Ingrid Ricks and her book have been phenomenal. I have learned that writing really helps me destress and helps understand the world around me.”

“Meeting with Ingrid was cool. We had the same ideas on how I am writing my essay. She understood how I felt & how I was going to organize it. She gave me more ideas to add to my story, as well as Hippie Boy. Really good book and it made me understand how it would go altogether.” –Brandon Jeronimo

“I think that without Ingrid I wouldn’t have found my story and I think Hippie Boy has given me some inspiration.” –Blake Carrier

“I liked working with Ingrid, she was really nice and I really like Hippie Boy and it’s a really good book. Ingrid helped me a lot and I think my story will be better because she helped me. ” –Gabby Brush

“Ingrid made it a lot easier to understand what I wanted to write about. She made it a lot clearer where to start the story at and to make sure to add a lot of detail. Meeting with her was great and I liked it.” – Deandra B.

“Working with Ingrid gave me an idea where to start my story. I enjoyed working with her.” –Dede D.

“When I met with her I had no idea what to write about and then the first thing she said “Would you have anything to write about when you have gotten into trouble with friends?” and then it clicked.” – Evan Olson

“She really helped me. She helped me put my story together and how to describe everything with detail.”- Javier Ramirez

“Working with Ingrid and reading Hippie Boy taught me that narrative writing can be really deep and personal.Ingrid taught me how to write and let stuff out and as well as how easy it is to write about your life.” –Ashley S.

“Meeting with Ingrid Ricks helped me a lot with developing my story and having someone who understands and listens. She made me realize that it’s okay to tell your story and not keep it in. she gave me many tips on how to write and tell my story.”- Alexis Pena

“Meeting with Ingrid Ricks definitely helped me get a better picture of the story I’m writing. I already have an idea but she helped me condense my view of my story from a broad part of my life. If the opportunity for Ingrid to visit again, we should invite her with open arms.”-Chris Ryals.

“Meeting with Ingrid really has helped, I had no idea what to say or what to write about and with her advice this is looking to be one of my favorite things I’ve written.”-Kaylee

“Meeting with Ingrid Ricks was helpful because she gave me a good idea of what my story could be and helped me start it. Hippie Boy helped me write my story too because it showed me what I should add to my story to make it better.”-Zoe farmer

“Working with Ingrid to develop my story was fun. She saw and pointed out stuff that I didn’t think were relevant. She told me to write it from my point of view, keeping the reader entertained.”-Nasmil Valera

“Ingrid helped me with my story because she helped me with the story by telling me how to have my story, because she told me I had a story that was worth something so I had to take the chance to have a good story.”

“Ingrid ricks helped me with how I should start my story and how to go about writing it. She had some good ideas about details and I think my story is going to turn out a lot better.”- Megan McLeud

“I wouldn’t have come up with how to tell my story without your help. Thank you.”

“Hearing from someone who has published a book is encouraging and I am inspired by her story and her excitement for writing + Literature.”

“It was great to be able to talk with an actually published author. Especially a New York Times Bestseller! She really helped me figure out what part of my story to focus on.”

“Ingrid helped start this unit about memories or improve memories, she gave us ideas to think about when writing.”