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Memoir Coaching

Writing your first book can feel like an impossible feat. I know because I’ve been there. But it’s not all that hard if you get rid of the mental blocks, develop an action plan and take it in bite-size chunks, which is what I’ll help you do. Then I’ll guide and support you – every step of the way.

Here’s an overview of the coaching services I offer, which are customized to meet your needs:

  • Tackling fear and mental roadblocks
  • Developing an action plan
  • Story identification and story structure
  • Developing a detailed book outline
  • Teach key narrative writing techniques to bring story to life
  • Chapter-by-chapter developmental editing
  • Accountability coaching/mentoring and support

Note: I am not a copy editor so once the manuscript is complete, the author will need to work with a copy editor for grammatical checks, formatting, etc.

Coaching Price: $135 an hour 

Three-month coaching packages are also available for $1,500 — which includes 13 one-hour sessions, access to my online Write Your Story courses & optional twice-monthly chapter support sessions with other writers.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, please email me: ricks.ingrid@gmail.com.  


What Clients Are Saying: 


What a journey we’ve taken together! You coaxed out my story and made me realize I had one to tell. You are part writing coach, part healer–a shaman disguised as a writer. What a blessing you are.

– Steve KnippExecutive Director, GenPRIDE

Ingrid Ricks has changed my writing life. For more than ten years, I’d been trying to pull together my memoir. I had early drafts, research notes on scraps of paper, outlines, but it just wasn’t coming together. Then I attended one of Ingrid’s workshops. In it, she presented a step by step toolkit, and by the end of the workshop I believed, for the first time, that I really could transform my story into a compelling narrative. Now, with Ingrid as my writing coach, I’m close to completing my manuscript, and it couldn’t have happened without her unfailing belief in me and my story.

– Susan Frederick, award-winning writer

Ingrid Ricks is helping me organize my thoughts and words into a powerful communication that is bringing my book to life. No matter how good you are, we all need the coach that can teach us successful methods that are proven. She keeps me on schedule and is teaching me the finer points of writing a great book.

-Golden Pat Ruel, Former Seahawks Coach

I’m not exaggerating when I say my book is thanks to Ingrid Ricks. Ingrid is always there, awake to your story, when you yourself aren’t. She has the heart capacity to feel into your story so deeply that you can find the strength to go there, even when you couldn’t before. I see her as my heart companion in the telling of a human story.

– Ruth N. 

I feel honored to have the privilege of working with Ingrid Ricks. First of all, she is an incredibly kind, approachable, bestselling author who knows how to guide amateurs like me. Second, she has given me the confidence and energy I need to be excited about writing. Third, Ingrid goes above and beyond to help me develop, organize and focus my story. Without her by my side, I’m sure I would have spent hundreds of hours struggling to write something that no one would want to read.

Eileen Kolmeyer

The best word I could use to describe our time together is “magical.” You are an amazing, gifted and patient teacher. I never thought I’d actually write my Memoir.  But this weekend gave me hope, and having the chance to work with you 1:1 gave me confidence. You really are an inspiration.

 Sarah Haggard, Founder and CEO, Tribute

My knees are still shaking from our call. I’ve been writing since we got off the phone, and it’s so hard but it’s really good for me. I feel so fortunate to have landed in your workshop, and to have this opportunity to go even further with you.

– Kathleen J. 

You’re an unbelievable writing coach/mentor to me and I’m thankful to have met you! You definitely inspire me and motivate me to finally get serious and finish writing this story!!

Shayla Fortin

You have helped me a great deal. I had not felt really seen or really heard or really encouraged in a very long time. I saw the change in myself once I was receiving your support. 

 Amy Rubin