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If you’re looking for a writing partner that can help you tell the inspiring personal story you need to share, LET’S TALK.

I’m passionate about personal storytelling and about helping you capture the story you want to tell in your voice and style—starting with helping you solidify the story you want to tell. For those interested, I also offer book production and publishing services to help you get your book out to the world.

What People are Saying:

“I discovered a long time ago that you were a great journalist. But by working with you on my book, I’ve also discovered your great passion for the story. Your passion, skill, organization, writing, patience and understanding have meant so much to me. This book would have never been completed without you.” – African Children’s Choir Founder, Ray Barnett





“Thank you for being a driving force in the collaboration and creation of this book and for your hard work and considerable writing skills. You are indeed a gifted writer.” – Walter Burns, Founder, Family Steward Wealth Consulting