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  • What Are You Doing With This Gift Called Life

    I’ve been pondering this question a lot over the past couple of weeks. Not only because we’ve just emerged from the throws of the season of gift-giving, but because it marks the three-year anniversary of when I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. It’s easy enough to tuck it to the back of my mind during every day life. But when my six month oncology visit pops up, the reality of that diagnosis comes rushing back. Meditation has become a godsend for me, and I go into full on meditation mode while undergoing my bi-annual examination, repeating the word healthy over and over in my mind. But my thoughts also lock on how precious life is, how fast it can be taken away, and how easy it is to take it for granted when I should be savoring every moment of it. 

    Though it’s easier said than done, what I know for certain is that every minute we spend being angry or scared or depressed or envious, is a minute wasted. What I also know is that we start each day with an empty canvas and that we can create whatever we want to with it. So what are we waiting for? What are your passions? What gets your juices flowing? What would you do if you weren’t scared of failure or rejection?

    That’s a challenge I’m asking myself and one that I’m putting out to all of you. Let’s make this new year the most amazing ever. Don’t be afraid to dance, to sing, to pursue your wildest dreams. And don’t forget to live deliberately and to focus on all that is right in your life.

    Let’s all embrace this precious gift we call life.

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