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  • Write Your Story – And Claim Your Power

    If I needed a reminder about the power of personal storytelling, I got it in spades over this past week. I spent Super Bowl weekend at an amazing retreat center in Roslyn (thank you Revel Retreats), helping seven incredible writers identify and structure the deeply personal stories they need to tell.

    Along with intensive writing time and discussion on story structure, book outlining and the new world of publishing, the weekend was packed with raw, honest conversations, laughter and tears. By the time we got to the celebration/reading time on Sunday afternoon, we had formed a close-knit tribe, bonded by our stories.

    Before I could even fully process the magic and love we all now feel for each other, I boarded a plane to Florida to celebrate the launch of You Are the Boss, a book I had the honor of collaborating on over this past year. As I sat in a room with a hundred friends and colleagues who had gathered for the celebration of Walter’s book, I once again experienced the connection and bonds that come from writing and sharing the stories we need to tell.

    I reflected on it all during the plane ride home last night and realized how incredibly grateful I am to have found my passion and calling. There is nothing I love more than helping people to write their stories and get them out into the world—and experience the healing, empowerment, validation, joy and connections that result.

    If you have a story you need to write, I would love to help. I offer personal coaching, one-day workshops, online courses and intensive weekend retreats.

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    Here’s to the power of our stories!



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  1. These sound like lovely experiences for you – and I’m sure you made them so for others! I will definitely do whatever I can to reccommend your services – you are such an amazing, inspiring, motivating person and an incredibly talented writer, on top of all that. All the best to you and here’s hoping many projects come your way!

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