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    I decided to work from home this morning and was in the middle of a deep breathing/meditation exercise when my friend Maria called.

    She was doing her own form of morning meditation by taking a walk through the woods. And as we started talking, we both came to the same conclusion: We have pretty amazing lives.

    It’s so easy to search for something more; to focus on what’s not right in our lives and what would make them better. Setting intentions and going after dreams is a big part of who I am. I love the adventure of life and the continual push to expand possibilities and create new destinies. But after talking with Maria this morning—which was a literal recap of the conversation I had with my friend, Nicole, over tea yesterday (we are lucky enough to have a great coffee/tea shop just a block or two from our respective houses—I’ve decided that I’m spending today focusing on how much I love the life I have.

    It’s got me in such an inspired mood that as soon as I post this blog, I’m throwing on some clothes and walking to the office so I can enjoy the fresh air and exercise (beautiful rain and all).



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