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    My morning started with a coffee collision in the hallway with my daughter Hannah.

    I was carrying two steaming cups and one ended up all over the two of us and the hallway floor. I admit that I had a moment of shock and let out a few choice words. But then I remembered what Pam Grout says in her book, E-cubed. Say thank you for EVERYTHING. No matter what.

    So, I put down the half full mug, retrieved a wet dish towel from the kitchen, and began saying thanks for the opportunity to clean the hardwoods, which haven’t been mopped in a while. And just like that, my mood switched.

    I enjoyed the rest of my morning coffee in bed, then headed to the living room to do my morning happy dance to I Feel Good by James Brown. I jumped, kicked my legs in the air and belted out the words. And by the time I was done, I felt great.

    It’s a reminder that happiness is a choice. And the best part is that it’s infectious. As we were all scrambling to get out the door, I heard Hannah singing the words I Feel Good.

    She swears it’s only because the song was stuck in her head. But she laughed while saying it and that’s the point. We had both forgotten about our coffee collision. We were stuck on Feeling Good–which I’ll take any day.

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