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  • Five Tips for a Negative-Free Day

    This is something I’ve been practicing and here’s what works for me:

    • Turn off the news and skip the morning paper. If you find a feel-good news station, please let me know.
    • Get moving. If you missed out on a happy dance this morning, do a little dance in your office or living room. Or opt for ten jumping jacks – something to get your blood and endorphins flowing.
    • Express gratitude for five amazing positives in your life. Say it out loud or write them down. Once you get going, I’ll bet you exceed five.
    • Refuse negative thoughts and words. Remember that thoughts and words are as powerful as magic or poison. Concentrate on thoughts and words that create amazing magic for yourself and others. Also remember that you have power to shut out any poison coming your way. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to partake

    Embrace everything on your to-do list. Whatever is on your list today – whether it’s going to work, going to the dentist or taking out the garbage. Attitude is everything.

    Here’s to an amazing, negative-free day for ALL of us.

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