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    I am dragging this morning. Usually, I would force myself to head into the office anyway. But because I’ve vowed to focus on health, happiness and passion, I’m working from home this morning – and allowing for plenty of breaks along the way.

    As I was drinking my morning coffee in bed an hour ago trying to shake the exhaustion, I remembered the fourth life agreement spiritual guru and author Don Miguel Ruiz lists in his must-read book, The Four Agreements: Just do your best – no less, no more.

    Most of the time,  my best rocks—starting with that morning happy dance I’ve incorporated into my routine. But today my best is sitting by the fireplace while writing this post. And as soon as I’m done, I think I’m going to soak in the tub.

    Instead of feeling guilty (my old self), I’m going to be kind and give myself what I need. And I’m going to savor and enjoy every minute of it.

    Here’s to a week of us all just doing our best – whatever our best might be.

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  1. Hi Ingrid,
    I really relate to this post, as it’s my instinct to be hard on myself, and I have to try hard to go easier on myself. A couple years ago I woke up with the words, “Do less” in my head. I’m only just now starting to find ways to really apply that good advice to myself. I’m glad you’re trying, too :).

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