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  • Expect Good Things – And Watch Them Come

    After being diagnosed with two serious, scary-sounding diseases, I became consumed with hear and convinced I was jinxed. I started expecting bad things to happen and it seemed like that’s what I was getting.

    When I finally got sick of being scared and miserable, I threw myself into he self-help world and began  learning about the connection between thoughts, energy and reality. I consciously switched my focus and started looking for good things to come my way. And I’ve been amazed at the abundance of gifts and blessings that have followed. I’ve started keeping track of unexpected surprises coming my way.

    Here are three that stand out from the last week:

    • I received an unexpected birthday card with a $50 check and a note to enjoy dinner with my husband.
    • A Chinese doctor living in Northern Ireland reached out to me to say that she had been following my journey with my eye disease on another blog and felt she could help me -no payment wanted. She’s already been a huge gift.
    • I received an out-of-the-blue email from a high school English teacher who told me her students loved my coming-of-age memoir Hippie Boy, and attached book reviews they had written for my enjoyment.

    I now start every day expressing gratitude for all I’ve been given, and expecting more good things to come my way. And then I wait to be surprised.

    If you haven’t tried this yourself, give it a go. And watch the magic happen.





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