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  • Breathe Deeply – For At Least Six Minutes

    I didn’t understand the power of deep breathing until I started doing it recently in an effort to increase blood flow and circulation in my eyes. Turns out that in addition to improving my overall health – including immune system function, absorption of nutrients and the release of toxins –it’s amazing for relaxation and stress reduction.

    My deep breathing ritual involves sitting as straight as possible, gently cupping my eyes, propping my elbows up on billows so that I can cup my eyes without getting tired, and then slowly inhaling and exhaling through my nose. When I’m inhaling, I imagine that I’m blowing my body up like a balloon and bringing in as much oxygen as possible. When I exhale, I release the air and my body contracts.

    To pass the time, I listen to an audio book or some Billie Holiday. By the time I hit the six-minute mark I can feel the difference in my body. It’s like a cool breeze running through me. By the time my phone alarm goes off at the ten-minute mark and I un-cup my eyes, I feel refreshed all the way around my eyes feel amazing.

    Note: if you try this for eye circulation, make sure you do it for at least six minutes — with your eyes cupped the entire time. And I recommend doing it longer, and several times a day.

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