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  • Happiness/Passion Action: Attend Sound of Music Singalong

    This action actually happened a week ago but it’s still bringing me so much joy that I had to mention it here.

    I admit that I was a little skeptical when my family told me they were taking me to the singalong for my birthday. It’s true that I’ve always liked the movie and the music (I’m half-Austrian so it’s in my blood). But I wasn’t sure about heading to a packed theater and belting out Sound of Music tunes.

    Turns out it was a blast. The guys sitting behind us greeted Maria with cat calls every time she  appeared on screen, and we all booed the Nazis. When it came time to sing, I couldn’t wait to join in. Even my husband, who is definitely not a musical fan, was singing. And we’ve been singing the songs at home ever since. It’s reminded me that I love musicals and love to sing –which scores a 10 across the health, happiness and passion spectrum. It also taught me how important it is to break routines and try new things, and to embrace them with an open mind.




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