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  • Free Hippie Boy Narrative Writing How To Guide

    NARRATING-COVER-orangeSome of you have expressed interest in writing your own story so I wanted to share the new Hippie Boy Narrative Writing Handbook I put together for educators and anyone interested in unleashing the power of personal narrative. It’s a simple how-to guide that incorporates the key lessons I learned during the years I spent writing Hippie Boy, as well as my experiences collaborating with educators, teaching narrative writing workshops and working individually with hundreds of students to help them identify, structure and write their stories.

    Easy, engaging lessons and writing exercises:

    • Identifying Your Story
    • Structuring Your Story
    • Character Development
    • Setting
    • Dialogue
    • Emotion
    • Sensory Details
    • Voice
    • Writing an Opening Sentence that Grabs

    Download a FREE PDF Copy. Click on this link: Hippie Boy Narrative Writing Handbook

    “I LOVE everything about it! It’s so clear and helpful and so easy to understand–yet the complex, interwoven skills you address are significant and valuable. I especially love the sections on story structure–I think that’s not addressed enough in teaching writing, and you make it seem really understandable and accessible. What a gift to students. And teachers!” – Laura Barber, English teacher, Annie Wright School

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