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  • Hippie Boy Launch Day – Reflecting on the Journey


    It’s such a surreal day for me. Today is the day that Penguin is launching their trade paperback version of Hippie Boy nationwide.  In some ways, this day is about fifteen years in the making. Ultimately, it took my degenerative eye disease to teach me that I needed to write my story to release the emotions I’d carried around inside me for years—and also to remind me that life is short, that all we have for certain is now, and that we’d better make NOW count.

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk about Hippie Boy and the teen storytelling program that has resulted on New Day Northwest – as well as the correlation with my eye disease. If you are interested, the interview is above.

    And CONGRATS to Robin Weston , Renee G. and Jason, the winners of my Hippie Boy paperback giveaway.  Thanks to all of you who entered. I so appreciate your interest.  For those of you who are in the Seattle or Salt Lake City area, I would love to meet you at one of my bookstore Events.   


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