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  • Hippie Boy Journey Featured in Publishers Weeky

    Last week, Publishers Weekly featured a great story about my journey with Hippie Boy — from its inception to its recent acquisition by Penguin Random House imprint Berkley, and the long, bush-whacking road in-between.

    In the story, New York-based writer Ryan Joe captures my journey through the new wild west of  publishing that started in January 2010, when I finally gave myself permission to  finish writing my coming-of-age memoir and get it out into the world. I expected to write a book proposal, find an agent and land a traditional publishing deal. But like many authors navigating today’s publishing landscape, I quickly discovered that the rules had changed. Joe’s story does a great job of its own navigating my unlikely path — from landing an agent, to deciding to part ways and self-publish, to recently landing on The New York Times eBook bestseller list and securing a publishing contract with Berkley (thanks to both my current agent Jenny Bent and my new editor at Berkley, Denise Silvestro.) To read the Publishers Weekly story, CLICK HERE.

    On a separate note, writer Laura Pepper Wu recently wrote a story about the pivotal moments that pushed me into going after my book writing dream: including a shock diagnosis with the degenerative eye disease Retinitis Pigmentosa, and a kick in the pants from my two daugthers. If you’ve got a dream that’s been eating a hole inside you but you can’t seem to give yourself permission to go after it, CLICK HERE to read her story.

    And if you are a writer in need of inspiration or sheer entertainment and enjoyment, subscribe to Laura’s new digital lifestyle magazine for writers: The Write Life Magazine.  it’s free — and it’s so worthwhile.


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