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  • Reader Appreciation Week – Giveaway 2

    For the past year and a half, I’ve had the opportunity to mentor high school students through a partnership with English teacher Marjie Bowker. Together, we’ve used Hippie Boy as a teaching guide to help her students find their voice and power by writing and publishing their personal stories.

    These students have endured challenges that no one should have to endure. Through their stories, the authors take readers into their lives as they struggle with homelessness, abandonment, addiction, death, abuse, gang life, gender identity and self harm. By revisiting their pasts and sharing their stories, these high school students are taking charge of their futures in a positive, powerful way. They are also reaching out to other teens to remind them that they aren’t alone.

    Today, for my second giveaway, you are in for a treat. I’m offering a gift set featuring both teen story collections: We Are Absolutely Not Okay and You’ve Got It All Wrong.

    If are you interested in learning more about the mentoring/publishing program, please visit www.weareabsolutelynotokay.org And if you want to share the books with others, eBooks and paperbacks are both available on Amazon.

    Finally: Congratulations to Jeana Weiss, the winner of yesterday’s signed copy of Hippie Boy.

    Tuesday, July 23rd Giveaway:

    Gift Set of We Are Absolutely Not Okay & You Got It All Wrong



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