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  • Hippie Boy Lands on NEW YORK TIMES Bestseller List!!!

    It has been an amazing couple of weeks—starting with a letter notifying me that I’d been awarded a 4Culture grant to support my next book project, Determined to See, followed by the launch of our new teen story collection, You’ve Got It All Wrong, and then discovering that Hippie Boy made #20 on the June 16th New York Times bestseller list!

    I’m so grateful and excited about all of it—but it’s been difficult to process because it seems that with each milestone reached on this journey, the steeper and more intense it becomes.  I’ve been going nonstop since last week and have ignored my most important life rule: to embrace the Now.

    So I’m taking some time today to just breathe, enjoy the moment and most of all, express my thanks to all of you. Navigating today’s new publishing world can be overwhelming at times because there is no trail or roadmap to follow. All any of us can do is set our compass, head off in that direction and find our way through—and we wouldn’t make it without the support from readers and friends.

    I don’t know where this journey will lead, but it’s an adventure and I’m just going to keep on pressing forward. Because as my dad always says, “As long as you keep on going, you never know what you can accomplish. As soon as you quit, you have your answer.”

    P.S. Yesterday a friend forwarded this story to me about NPR’s Snap Judgment host Glenn Washington in the new issue of The Atlantic. The story mentions a segment I did for the show (above) excerpted from Hippie Boy.  I really love the way the clip turned out.

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