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  • Putting My Intentions Out There

    I’ve been looking forward to today for a couple of months now. It’s the day that Booklist Magazine, the official review publication of the American Library Association, is featuring a review of my memoir, Hippie Boy: A Girl’s Story.

    The magazine reaches 20,000 public and school librarians across the country. OK…I definitely want to sell books. But I also feel strongly about getting Hippie Boy into the hands of teenagers across the country. I had the incredible opportunity recently to use Hippie Boy as a guide to help at-risk teens claim their power by finding their voice and telling their stories. The challenges I faced during my coming-of-age years don’t hold a candle to the heartache and tragedy experienced by these students. But they could identify with so much in Hippie Boy that it helped them to share their stories, and in the process, realize they have the power within themselves to claim the life they want for themselves.

    So my intention for Hippie Boy, today and in the weeks to come, is for librarians everywhere to understand its power in connecting with teens and realize that they need to carry at least three copies each in their libraries.

    And it’s my intention for today’s Booklist Magazine review to get the ball rolling.

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